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ITZO Solutions LLC provides a complete and unique experience to supporting your IT infrastructure. Each one of our clients has a different niche and we customize our support accordingly. ITZO Solutions is a well-rounded company focused on continuous learning, we are continuing our mission to evolve in the technology space by now offering drone marketing, mapping and niche services for real estate, construction, agriculture and more.



If you can create something that is so captivating it completely engraves your brand image onto the minds of all those who watch it, then you will have succeeded in doing several things

  • Brand awareness creation
  • Exciting the prospect
  • Ensuring that you are the first company that comes to mind when they think of your industry
  • Shareability of the video which increases your potential customer base
  • These are all things that can lead to more sales as well as better brand awareness. You can create more exciting and dramatic videos using aerial shots from drones than you can with a grounded film crew


The Main Benefits of Drone Aerial Photography.

  • Meets real estate trends
  • Allows to show off properties that offer higher scenic value.
  • The best way to show surrounding are as well, proximity to amenities, land, and the entire neighborhood.
  • Allows to show and market the house from a unique perspective.
  • Adds another level of marketing potential that still real estate photos (even high quality and professional ones) simply cannot provide.
  • Allows to sell houses faster and for the better price.
  • Budget friendly and more affordable than an old school aerial photography; perfect for any property, even if you are on a budget.
  • Better views of big homes and backyards; a unique angle of the house make your photo Instagram-worthy. In the end, drone aerial photos are those that are shared and pinned the most.
  • Offers a more personal view of the property.
  • Allows you to create a tour of the town, which is a desirable and unique feature that allows potential buyers who don’t know the area to explore a new town.


For one, projects can run over budget, and a drone can help prevent this from happening. Project managers and builders can use the data collected by the drone photography to understand how the construction is coming along.

  • Progress Tracking
  • Catch Early Problems
  • Cut-back on time and money
  • Improve Safety
  • Deliver Accurate Measurements
  • Completing work faster and more efficiently helps the construction industry grow and profit. The future of construction will rely heavily on aerial drone mapping and photography.
Golf Course


The first objective is simply to showcase the course. This involves the pretty pictures or stunning videos to be used for websites, social media or other marketing/promotional purposes.

The second reason, which is definitely maintenance-related, is monitoring plant health. This is essentially using a drone to scout the course, and it can take place on several levels. It can work with the equipment already mentioned — a simple drone with a built-in RGB camera can provide benefits through its unique, overhead vantage point.



The third reason commonly cited for purchasing a drone is mapping. This isn’t as much about the condition of plants growing on the ground as it is the ground itself — the overall lay of the land. Through photogrammetry (discussed in part I) and a drone’s built-in camera, precise maps can be produced and analyzed, aiding in all types of physical measurements and calculations for distance, area and even volume. Because this application is extremely data-driven, concentrating on software used for image processing should be the focal point for purchasing decisions.

Golf courses are beautiful. However, it is not always easy to show the overall beauty of a golf course using just ground videos.